Psychological assessment relating to learning disabilities

"Do I (does my child) have dyslexia? Or dyscalculia?"

"Things aren't going well at school, but I think I am (my child is) underperforming."

"Am I (is my child) smart enough for ....?"

"I have (my child has) special educational needs"

"I have (my child has) fear of failure"

"I have (my child has) problems problems concentrating on schoolwork."

Together with you I want to clarify what the problems are and what you want to achieve. This is the starting point for a diagnostic assessment. With the help of conversations, questionnaires, tests and observations, I try to arrive at an individual analysis of the factors that lead to problems or maintain them, and the strengths and qualities that are available to take steps forward. In consultation, we discuss which steps might be promising.

  • Assessment in English, for native speakers or children/adults with English as additional language. With state-of-the-art, well known tests.
  • Reports in English or Dutch, conform international standards.
"Professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Within a couple of weeks of the initial contact we had a report and documentation for our GP to find the right treatment for our child. Not only did Tom explain to our daughter what the problems and causes are, but also to us as parents. We had follow up conversations which have been extremely helpful to understand the situation and be able to verbalise our child’s needs to school and GP. Can highly recommend!" (Google review, W.M.)
"My experience at this dyslexia institute was rewarding. I didn't just meet an individual. I met a man who understood the plight of a person with dyslexia, someone who could relate at a physical, spiritual and emotional level. It was the first time, in the presence of someone who manifestly understood what I was going through. If you're looking for someone who understands, cares and for quality, then you don't have to look any further. I'd say call Tom Braams." (Google review, D.H.)

Frequently asked questions

Whom am I dealing with?

De Onderwijspsycholoog is Dutch for ‘The educational psychologist’.  The Educational Psychologist is: Tom Braams. He is a registered psychologist (in the Dutch BIG register). He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of learning disabilities. He wrote books about dyslexia and dyscalculia and is well known in the Netherlands as an expert on learning disabilities. The assessments are done by him personally. He is secretarially supported by his wife, Inge Braams-Zwolle. She will often have the first contact with you and possibly make arrangements.

What can ‘De Onderwijspsycholoog’ do for me?

I am specialized in learning disabilities. If you have (or your child has) learning difficulties, it can be very difficult to know for yourself what the causes are. You see and you hear things that do not match: you (or your child) can do certain things very well, you don’t (or your child doesn’t) seem to be dull at all. But why are there so much problems with learning or studying, with reading and spelling, with math’s or with writing essays or letters? This uncertainty can have a major impact on your life (or your child's).

As a very experienced psychologist I want to try to find out, with the help of an assessment, what exactly is the problem with you (or with your child). I want to get an overall picture of you or your child: not only of your/his/her weaknesses but also of your/his/her strengths and how all these qualities influence each other. I am not so much concerned with a diagnosis (although it is sometimes necessary), but with finding answers to your questions. I want to work with you to see how you can reduce your symptoms (or those of your child) or find the help that is needed.

What can I expect when seeing De Onderwijspsycholoog?

You can expect to be treated with respect. We take time to listen to you so we can understand the situation from your perspective. We will offer advice in the form of strategies and provide approaches that will help you see things from a different perspective.
We will be able to do an assessment in English, with state of the art psychological tests. An extensive assessment report will be made in which we will give personalized advice. The report can be written in English, or as you wish in Dutch (with an English summary).
When a person is diagnosed with a learning disability (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia) we will provide you with a statement of special educational needs, which is up to international standards.

Do I have to be referred by your family doctor / general practitioner?

Generally, there is no need for a referral.  In the Netherlands, reimbursement options are very limited. You might want to check if your school, employer or insurance will want to cover some of the costs.


The costs of a psychological examination at De Onderwijspsycholoog depend on the time required to answer your questions. This can vary from € 750 for an intelligence test, to € 1500 or more for a complex assessment in which all kinds of help questions are asked. Before you make a decision to have an assessment made, we will inform you about the costs.

Where does the assessment take place?

We have an office in the lovely old Hanseatic city of Zutphen, in the Netherlands. Zutphen is easily reached by car or train. When necessary, hotels are available in the vicinity. In special cases we can agree on a different place for the assessment (Kenya and Malaysia are countries on my bucket list 😉 ).

Do you have other questions?

Please contact us by phone or email. We are happy to provide you with answers and to discuss problems and possibilities.

Corona measures

How is De Onderwijspsycholoog dealing with Corona?

We closely follow the governmental guidelines for face-to-face contacts and only make appointments when this is allowed. We don't shake hands, we wash our hands regularly and we work with a perspex screen on the table to prevent contamination. We clean our room more intensively. If in doubt, we discuss with the client whether an appointment can go ahead or needs to be rescheduled. Conversations are held, where preferred, via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 


Do you have a question, or do you want to make an appointment, please contact us in one of the ways below, or fill in the contact form.

Tom Braams, gz-psycholoog

M  +31 (0) 6 573 462 80
T   +31 (0573) 78 55 99
A   Piet Heinstraat 11c, 7204 JN Zutphen


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